Saturday, November 2, 2013

Old EQN Tests

Some of the old character work we explored for EverQuest Next before changing directions. (We changed direction at least two more times after that, so really this is like three iterations old) 

At one point we even toyed around with a more realistic look. Here's our Next-Gen Dude with his fancy skin shader.

Friday, November 1, 2013

More EQN Stuff

Dredged up more of the old EQN Concepts; mostly props and environments that have all been revealed or revised, so no spoilers here... sorry!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Meet Lumpy!

My instructions were simple: make a 'different' kind of dragon for EverQuest2. One that wasn't long and sinewy like so many EQ2 dragons before it. And so, Lumpy was born...

Bonus! Watching my friend and animation genius ,Chris Myers, give Lumpy an attack using, "the Curly Shuffle"

Fantasy Make Overs

Although most of my work for EverQuestNext is still officially under wraps, the fantasy paint-overs we did of the team for trade show presentations aren't. Enjoy!


FreeRealms was a low poly, cartoony kid's game; which anyone that's read my LinkedIn profile summary would know is a perfect fit!

EverQuest2 Beasties

One of the first things I got to create on EverQuest2 was gliding mounts. I had a ton of fun watching animator Chris Myers bring those to life.

Mark of Kri 2

After we finished "the Mark of Kri" at SCEA, a bunch of us from that team went with Jay Beard to start, "BottleRocket Entertainment" where we knocked out the sequel to Kri, "Rise of the Kasai".

All of these character designs came from my brother, Jeff Merghart. 
I command you to check out his blog!